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B O D Y G U A R D : Protege & Parfume


Posté par Celia Nicolosi le

The active ingredient we use in BODYGUARD to repel Mosquitos was created by the world famous French laboratory, MERCK and is called IR3535.

IR3535 has been successfully used in insect repellents for over 30 years, and scientific studies have proven just how effective it is at repelling mosquitos and many other insects! The tests carried out on IR3535 efficiency were conducted both in the field and a laboratory. These test results showed that IR3535 can leave you safe and protected from Mosquito for 8 hours....so important when you plan to spend the day outdoors! 

IR3535 comes highly recommend by the WHO ( World Health Organisation) for its efficiency against Mosquitos. It is also recommended by the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control) and EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency)' 

A bit about the Environment....

Our active ingredient respects the environment and take of you skin and health. It has an excellent 'toxicological and eco - toxicological profile so in other words, its not toxic and does not build up in the environment. For us protecting the environment is so important.


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