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B O D Y G U A R D : Protege & Parfume


Posté par Celia Nicolosi le

We created BODYGUARD with protection from Mosquitos in mind. It was important for us to make sure that we included the most effective active ingredient for repelling the worlds most dangerous mosquito so we could keep you safe and protected wherever you are in the world.

Being bitten by a mosquito is really not pleasant, however there is a more important reason to protect your skin.

We all love to explore and have exotic holidays,  but around the world Mosquitoes carry a big danger. We have all heard of the Zika virus carried by Mosquitoes is Brazil, but these types of diseases are common in many other countries with warmer climates.  In Africa Mosquitoes carry Malaria and in India, Dengue Fever!

Our Bodyguard sprays contain an active ingredient called IR3535 insect repellent, which is scientifically proven to protect you from Mosquito bites wherever you are in the world.

BODYGUARD does not contain harsh chemicals and is very gentle on the skin. It is the perfect choose for children over 12 months and is completely safe for pregnant women.

One application will last up to 8 hours, however it is absolutely fine to apply BODYGUARD repeatedly, right up until bedtime…as you may just love the smell!

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