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B O D Y G U A R D : Fragranced skin protection

Hand Sanitiser

Our BODYGUARD Fragranced Hand Sanitiser Spray protects your skin barrier and has a fresh Eau de Cologne fragrance..


The Gap In the Market

We knew from our extensive research that consumers desired many things from their hand sanitiser and which could not easily be found on the market. A product which is non sticky, without any unpleasant smell, non irritating for the skin, and could used around the home as a disinfectant also on surfaces.


The BODYGUARD Solution

With the onset of COVID we worked hard to research, test and organise clinical trials for our BODYGUARD Fragranced Hand Sanitiser in order to help with the crisis and meet demand.  We have created a collection with the following benefits;

    • A sanitiser that is proven to eliminate Viruses, Bacteria and Funghi. See our LAB Tests
    • A dermatologically tested formula enriched with moisturising ingredients.
    • Available in four unique, fresh Eau de Cologne fragrances. Discover our fragrance collection
    • A multi-purpose product equally effective on surfaces as well as hands.