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B O D Y G U A R D : Fragranced skin protection


Our coconut fragrance is an irresistible, dreamy, exotic Cocktail of Coconut, Vanilla, Jasmine and Amber. A Holiday must have!


Each 100ml BODYGUARD bottle is the perfect size for travel and suitable for keeping in your hand luggage.


Hold your BODYGUARD bottle 6 inches from your skin and spray liberally, focusing on the parts of your skin that are exposed. Let the fine mist settle on your skin. Once applied you will be protected from Mosquitos for 8 hours.

When applying to your face, caution should be taken around your eyes we advise you simply spray BODYGUARD onto your hands and then pat onto you face.

Visit this page for further information about how to apply

Re apply every 8 hours for continued protection though out the day or night.

BODYGUARD does not contain harsh chemical and is very gentle on the skin, It is completely safe for:

- Women who are breast feeding or pregnant
- Children from 1 year +
- Sensitive skin

2%   Fine Fragrance
70% High Quality Vegetable Based Alcohol
20% Active Ingredient IR3535  Learn more about IR3535
8%   Water

BODYGUARD contains only a very small concentration of fine fragrance, we would describe this as the strength of Eau de Cologne.  We use a Perfumery technique passed down through generations to ensure the small percentage of fragrance develops to the perfect lightweight strength.