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B O D Y G U A R D : Protege & Parfume

How to Use Anti Mosquito

Hold your BODYGUARD bottle 6 inches from your skin and spray liberally, focusing on the parts of your skin that are exposed. Let the fine mist settle on your skin.

When applying to your face, caution should be taken around your eyes we advise you simply spray BODYGUARD onto your hands and then pat onto you face.

Once applied you will be protected from Mosquitos for 8 hours. 

What if I swim or shower?

If you swim or shower BODYGUARD will be washed of your skin and you will  need to be reapplied. You may also need to reapply to exposed areas where you sweat heavily.

Can I wear Sunscreen with BODYGUARD?

We recommend you apply BODYGUARD on top of your sunscreen. If you apply sunscreen after BODYGUARD this may reduce effectiveness.

I suffer from Allergies can I use BODYGUARD?

BODYGUARD has been dermatologically tested and developed for those with sensitive skin in mind.  We would however advise you first try BODYGUARD on a small patch of skin 

Can I spray BODYGUARD over clothing?

 BODYGUARD can also be sprayed onto clothes for added protection, in certain high risk areas some Mosquitos can bite through clothes. In order not to mark you clothes we recommend you try BODYGUARD on a part of your clothing that cannot be seen before spraying elsewhere.