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B O D Y G U A R D : Protege & Parfume

Our Fragranced Anti Mosquito Collection

Our BODYGUARD Fragranced Anti- Mosquito Spray is effective against eliminating Mosquitos and has a fresh Eau de Cologne fragrance...
Our heritage and all our expertise comes from creating fine fragrances in Provence, France.  We use traditional techniques passed down through generations that take time and patience to deliver.
BODYGUARD is manufactured in our very own L'Atelier in Manosque, Provence. This allows us to guarantee the quality standards  of our product.
We have created a collection of  four unique fragrances;
The gentle clean scent of the tropical Moringa Flower subtly enhanced with Violet and a touch of Cedar.
A breezy sea fragrance, of Fresh Mediterranean Bergamot, with a hint of woody Cedar and Musc.
Our coconut fragrance is an irresistible, dreamy, exotic Cocktail of Coconut, Vanilla, Jasmine and Amber. A Holiday must have!
Bursting with Orange, Bergamot and Lemon, this classic citrus fragrance is awakened with notes of Lavender and Epice