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B O D Y G U A R D : Protege & Parfume

Anti Mosquito

Our BODYGUARD Fragranced Anti- Mosquito Spray gives superior protection for up to 8 hours from Mosquitos and has a fresh Eau de Cologne fragrance...


The Gap In the Market

We knew from our extensive research that consumers desired many things from their anti-mosquito product.  The solution needed to be  safe for the family, non toxic, highly effective and pleasant to use without a chemical smell.


The BODYGUARD Solution

After many months of testing, research and clinical trials our BODYGUARD Fragranced Anti Mosquito collection was born.  A revolutionary product, combining fine fragrance with a highly effective repellent to create a collection with the following benefits;

  • Long lasting 8 hour protection against ALL types of mosquitos. See our Scientific Library
  • Dermatologically tested formula that does not irritate the skin
  • Suitable for the family, pregnant women and children 1 +
  • Available in four unique, fresh Eau de Cologne fragrances. See Our Collection
  • Biodegradable formulas, respectful to human and planet