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B O D Y G U A R D : Fragranced skin protection

Our LAB Tests

Our Laboratory Tests

To support our product claims and to assist in product compliance with the Biocidal Products Regulation our BODYGUARD Fragranced hand sanitiser was rigorously tested to a range of European Standards.

The BODYGUARD Fragranced Hand Sanitiser  product efficiency tests confirmed the following;

EN 14476  - BODYGUARD is efficient against Viruses
EN 13727 - BODYGUARD is efficient again 99.999% Bacteria
EN 13624 - BODYGUARD is efficient against Fungi.

It was important for us that our hand sanitiser was an exceptional standard and could be used by medical professionals. The tests we have completed ensures our sanitiser is suitable for use in hospitals and as a surgical hand rub.

We know a multi purpose product that can be used also on surfaces is helpful. Our tests also prove our product is efficient and can safely be used as a surface disinfectant.

If you require further information on our product claims please visit our Scientific Library